Thursday, February 5, 2015

Top 5 Favorite YouTube Beauty Channels

One of the things I love to do with my spare time is watch YouTube beauty videos. These videos help me decide what new products I just have to have, give me fashion ideas, and even inspire me to lead a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes I forget that the girls I watch aren't my actual friends in real life! Anyway, here are the top five ladies I just can't get enough of!

Carli is the first girl I ever watched on YouTube. I discovered her when I did a Google search about how to apply false eyelashes. I literally was so.bad. at applying lashes but after watching her video and practicing a couple of times, I was a pro! She is gorgeous from head to toe and has the most positive attitude. Her hair tutorials are perfection.

I never skip a video by Tiffany! She is so down to earth and I feel like I can really trust her opinions and product recommendations.  Everything about her just screams classy. It is impossible to watch any of her hauls without adding a least a couple of items to your Sephora wish list. She recently had a beautiful baby girl and chronicled her entire pregnancy. I've never had a baby, nor am I pregnant but I watched every single video she posted.  Her home decor videos are also very helpful.

3. SMLx0

First off, let me just say this girl is hilarious. Her sarcasm has me dying from beginning to end of her videos. Not to mention she is drop dead gorgeous and has great style advice as well eyebrows that are on fleek. :)

Just wait until you hear her charming Southern accent. Just wait.  Holly is a beauty queen (literally) and freelance makeup artist from Georgia. Her style is to die for and I love seeing what products she's loving. She seems very relatable and incorporates drug-store and high-end makeup into her tutorials.

Melissa is a beautiful YouTuber who also works at Sephora (jealous). Her eyes are a gorgeous green that you can't help but stare at (jealous!). Melissa always has the inside scoop on products and loves to share them with her viewers. She is very relatable and her sweet nature radiates through her videos. Melissa is always up-front with her viewers about sponsored videos which makes it easy to trust anything she recommends.


Okay, I'm done gushing now. But seriously, check these ladies out. What are some of your favorite YouTube channels?