Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fabletics Workout Clothing Review (not sponsored)

Fabletics is a monthly subscription service that sends you a workout outfit of your choice once a month. I have been subscribed to Fabletics for over a year now and it is safe to say that I am obsessed. Basically, they offer high quality and stylish workout/yoga outfits for a reasonable price. I used to shop at Lululemon all the time but now I am definitely a convert.


  • When you sign up you get your first outfit for only $25. After the first month each outfit costs $49.95. This price includes shipping.
  • You can also buy individual items for a discounted price once you sign up.
  • Most outfits include a top and bottom, some also include sports bras and other accessories.
  • You get to choose your outfit and colors every time so you won't end up with something that isn't your style. 
  • The best part is that you are not bound to anything and you can cancel your subscription after getting the first outfit if you are unpleased for any reason.
  • You are usually billed at the beginning of the month. You have until the 5th of the month to "skip" if you don't want an outfit that month. You will be billed $0 and you can skip as many months as you want. This comes in handy if you don't find anything you like…. or if you're like me and can't afford a new workout outfit every single month. You are never forced to buy anything and there is no monthly fee for skipping.
  • You build up points with every order which will eventually add up to free outfits. 
  • Fabletic leggings, in particular the 'Nadi' leggings are comparable to the Lululemon Wonder Under Leggings. However, you get the Nadi legging and a top for $50 vs. the $82 you would pay for the Lululemon leggings. 
  • Kate Hudson is the founder. I love her and her style so that is a bonus.
  • You are given a quiz about your style and the types of workout you do and the website will curate outfits tailored to you. However, I usually end up buying outfits that are not in my "picks".

Some of my favorite styles for December/January 2014:

Twinkle (image from
Enchanting (image from
Orgin (image from

  • I set a reminder on my phone for the 3rd of the month to remind me to either make an order or skip the month. This keeps me from forgetting to skip if I want to and allows me to get the styles I want before the come back ordered. (Keep in mind that if you forget to skip, you will be billed and a credit will be put on your account for an outfit).
  • I have found that the pants/capris are amazing AMAZING quality, whereas the tops are hit or miss. A few of the tops I have received have been comparable to Lululemon whereas a few have been flimsy cotton plainish Ts. I figure the quality and value of the pants makes up for this, but it should still be taken into consideration. One time, I ordered an outfit that had plain cotton leggings and the top that came with them was a high quality jacket, so I'm thinking they usually work it so you get one "high quality" item and one "so so" item. 
  • Always make sure to review your outfits on the Fabletics website. Regardless of whether your review is positive or negative you will receive points which can go toward free outfits!
  • I have had to return one outfit because of sizing issues and customer service was friendly and helpful.
  • Generally, the outfits runs true to size. I usually wear a size 8 in pants and medium shirts and I am 5'7". I tend to order size medium pants and medium shirts from Fabletics. If it is a top where I want a looser fit I will order a large.
  • I have never ordered any shorts or sports bras from this site so I cannot speak to their quality. I have a large chest so unless sports bras have a ton of support I usually pass. The sports bras do not look very supportive from the pictures. I haven't ordered shorts simply because I love the pants so much that I always try to include them with my outfits.
  • Overall, Fabletics has helped me slowly replace some of my older, frumpy workout clothes for outfits that coordinate and fit nicely at a great price point.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or what you think about Fabletics!

This post is not in any way sponsored. This is one of my first blog posts and Fabletics has no idea I exist in life. Well, except that I am a customer :). I did not receive anything free for this post.  I am posting my "referral link" which will give me points towards free outfits (as mentioned above) if you click it, but nothing more. Obviously I would love if you used the referral link but no hard feelings if you don't!

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